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New Accounting Model (Exam-2009)
Books references: 1. Account Code (Volume III). 2. Chart of Accounts (Issued by CGA). 3. Manual Accounting Principles. 4. Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual.
Private: DAO Part-I Examination 2024 (Fresh Candidates) Past Papers
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Question# 7.

The total of the supplier’ memorandum ledger balances of Excellent Ltd. Was Rs.877800/- on 31 March, 2007 while the payables control account balance on that date is Rs.875660/-


The supplier’s memorandum ledger balances for Excellent Ltd. totaled Rs.877,800/- on 31 March, 2007, whereas the balance in the payables control account on the same date was Rs.875,660/-.

The difference between the two balances can be attributed to any discrepancies or errors in recording individual transactions. To reconcile these balances, further investigation is needed to identify and correct any discrepancies. This process ensures that the accounts accurately reflect the company’s financial position.

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